Concierge COO Services Program

What you get:

This six-month program is unlike other business coaching programs out there. We are going to do this together. You aren’t going to be given a course with action steps you have to find time to complete. We are really going to build your business model together. Sure, there will be homework along the way that makes it your business, not ours. The difference between coaching and consulting is that I am there with you side by side, as you build out the business framework that supports your vision for your future growth.

Here’s how we will do it.

One on One Meetings

Every other week we have a 90 minute virtual working session. We design and document how all aspects of your business work together for success

Written Documentation

You’ll receive the documentation we produce on the call. This becomes your library of documentation for business processes and compliance.

Digital Resources

We’ll provide, tips, tools and templates to build the business framework that meets your needs. Finance, Metrics, Human Resources, Governance, Benefits

Access to Help

Throughout the program you’ll have access to email to pose questions, share wins and continue to accelerate your growth curve.