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Every Business Owner Has a Vision For Their Company That Becomes The Heart and Soul of Everything They Want to Create

Where most business owners run into problems is when they try to quantify and implement what they are trying to achieve with clarity, structure, and consistency. Many times, this requires business owners asking tough questions the way that they are building a technology business with impact. Does their ecosystem support the relationships, services, and products to solve the problems they are striving to solve and create global impact? Does their organizational structure effectively support their business model? How efficiently are your project management teams working together to solve problems and be fiscally responsible at the same time? Are these teams reaching the ROI goals that were originally projected?

Business growth means applauding the business structures that brought your company to where you are today and understanding that means you also must leave those structures and processes behind to create the kind of impact that will make you a global force. At New Paradigm Shift, our goal is to provide you with consulting, mastermind groups, tools, mindset, and resources to navigate your transformational business journey.

What We Offer

All courses are offered in three different formats to meet your needs.

Self-Paced Study- Course study and implementation at your own pace.

Group Study- Self-paced course study with 12 weeks of group support calls and 4 one-on-one sessions to home in on specific areas of interest.

One-On-One Study- Accelerated program which includes 12 One-On-One calls, 12 weeks of group support calls, and self-paced course study. This is for the entrepreneur who wants to be up and running quickly.

  • Product Launch

    Build your Beta Business – 32 weeks

    Build your Beta Business – 32 weeks

    Develop future-focused strategies with a deep understanding of the impact of emerging technologies internally as a business owner.
  • Innovation Leadership

    Entrepreneur Effectiveness -12 weeks

    Entrepreneur Effectiveness -12 weeks

    Prepare to accept the challenge of becoming an exponential leader with the tools and training to help ensure your organization’s future success
  • Leadership Value Creation

    Exponential Growth – 12 weeks

    Exponential Growth – 12 weeks

    Leaders create the culture of their business. They set the tone for continuous improvement and grow or setting a pattern that becomes a roadblock to success.