Thought leaders dream up innovative, impactful ideas every day. The challenge comes when we decide to take a brilliant concept from our head and heart and create a tangible creation. The pain is real as we take the leap and begin to take a dream and develop a strategic plan that will make the business a reality. There are obstacles that seem insurmountable when an entrepreneur attempts the process alone. With guidance, those obstacles breakdown and lead to the pathway of profitable impactful products and services.

The reality is most small businesses need support to turn an idea in to reality. That is where innovative leadership is crucial for business survival. It’s a safety net that gives your ideas and concepts a breeding ground for expansion and growth. If you have a pre- seed or seed company, this course is designed to gain traction and get you past conceptual design ideas and into production development.

  • Evaluate- Spend time creating a space for creative problem solving that leads to a bigger- picture outcome.
  • Evoke- Finding the business model that inspires a culture that promotes creativity, relevance, and growth in a way that is scalable.
  • Evolve- Moving the idea into work[lace organization, standards, and opportunity costs models.

This course is a gateway to increased business growth and resilience based on effective application of these concepts.