Develop future-focused strategies with a deep understanding of the impact of emerging technologies internally as a business owner. Explore the opportunities and implications of exponential technologies and connect to an ecosystem that is shaping the future and solving the world’s most urgent problems;  How you can capitalize on the, trends, and opportunities; guide your clients to plan for the positive and negative impacts of rapid change; determine when and where to place big bets as a business owner, by exploring strategic opportunities.

The program is arranged in four component courses that build your product through the value creation process.

  1. Ideation Course – 6 weeks:
  2. Focused on learning how to take an idea through the research and validation needed to create a break through actionable concept. 
  3. Incubation Course – 12 weeks:
  4. Take your actionable concept through the Customer, Business and Market research and validation to prepare for investment funding for your prototype. 
  5. Investment Course – 8 weeks:
  6. Take your prototype through the investment funding process. Subject matter experts and investors participate.
  7. Investment Course – 8 weeks:
  8. Take your prototype through a soft market launch process gaining subject matter and investor participation. Measurements and final market entry strategy is the output.