The Slinky Effect

Coming Soon Fall – 2019

Laura Little has built an ecosystem of business leaders over a 30-year career. Over time, she recognized how exponential concepts and thinking, in coordination with intentional sustained actions generate successes that change the world.

The “The Slinky® Effect’ book demonstrates the principles we can employ to transform Our passion into social impact. The grace and tension of the toy is a metaphor, as We infuse our values to design a business model that will simplify complexity and exponentially extend our influence for good.

We will recapture the joy of leading a business by adopting this people centered, flexible, sustainable approach. We build the value chain of relationships, services, products that come together and have ripple effects across the globe.


Unlock The Code For Your Success

The truth is, as entrepreneurs, we can’t disconnect our personal form from our professional life. Balance is key. But, many times, we put that on the back burner while we focus on growing our business. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be all or none. As entrepreneurs, you can rise above any circumstance or situation like no other!