A Career of Excellence

I work with small businesses that have a big mission. We work together to establish a business framework that can support your business today and propel you forward as you change people’s lives through the technology, products and services you bring to the table. Connect with me today to start the journey to success.
New Paradigm Shift 

About Laura Little

Laura has more than 20 years of experience working with the healthcare and public sector, guiding nonprofit and private clients to align their business strategy, operations, and technology to keep expanding like a Slinky®.

She has achieved a level of excellence in her work that few achieve. Her expertise in the tech sector with Blockchain and AI projects have allowed her to be on the cutting- edge of solving today’s social problems while guiding small business owners down the path to driving innovative products that solve societal issues.

Core Services

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Leadership in Four Dimensions
We are committed to developing balanced, effective leaders.

Business and Philanthropy
Socially conscious leaders driving global transformation through technology.

Leadership Mindset
Defining leadership capabilities that not only address today’s business growth, but growth for future generations as well.

Business Relationships
Compassionate profit generation with technology that leaves a positive impact for the entire global community.

Time and Money Freedom
Building a profitable, impactful business you can be proud of and enjoy.