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Working with you to create engaging, productive and profitable organizations

The world has changed and consumers and employees are looking for leadership and development that fosters personal relationships. That means that every person inside of an organization must work as an integral part of a team, with the same goals and working in their zone of genius to create an optimal product and experience for themselves and their consumers. This means that companies need transformational leaders who can inspire their work- force with innovation, inspiration, and execution with all member of a team who are committed to the same goals and outcomes.

We are committed to developing balanced, effective leaders.

Why we are different

Leadership in Four Dimensions

Business and Philanthropy

Achieve business growth and make a positive impact concurrently, without sacrificing your time and energy to the point of exhaustion. Find out how.

Leadership Mindset

Prioritize what you do and grow your team capabilities by beginning with the end in mind.

Business Relationships

We believe that technology innovation is the enabler of a paradigm shift for your successful social impact. It is our mission to enable you and your organization to be the catalysts for advancing business that is right and good for all.

Leveraging Technology

 Technology can guide your organization through either transformative innovation or continuous improvement projects. Match your project goals to your company culture.


Your leadership is the key to every business evolution 

Like a bridge, technology innovation can make a lasting impact for the greater good. 

We help you scale your business by equipping you with connections to mentors and peers, while providing the ecosystem and frameworks necessary to designing a scaled value creation plan for you, your investors and your global impact family excited for your upcoming years.

Innovative solutions to move your Business Forward

One on One Concierge

Leadership of an emerging enterprise takes full time commitment. While we offer a whole host of tools that you can use to build your capabilities, sometimes you just need the answers and guidance now. We offer concierge COO services to fill in temporary leadership gaps, extend the value of our courses and drive your business forward.

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Value Creation Retreat

What if we told you that you could shift the paradigm of your entire technology business and/or organization in just six days? Well, that’s exactly what we do with our 6-Day Value Creation Retreat in Jekyll Island, GA.

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